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7 things you need to know to become a successful trainer

Avoid costly mistakes with this free guide. Find out how to get new clients (what works and what doesn't) and the key actions you should take in order to have a successful and profitable training business.

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Marketing tips for today's environment. Activities for now

Find out the best marketing activities that have worked this year from our Trainers. Get this free report to find out what to spend your time on and avoid wasting money on costly activities or time spent researching. 

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Online courses: Increase engagement and deliver with impact!

That engage your audience and deliver with impact. Anyone can put together an online course, done well and it will keep you front of mind. Find all of the tips and tricks in this free report.

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Using webinars to get more leads.

If you haven't used a webinar to promote your services, now is the time to get on board. If you're looking for a way to grow your prospect list and show people what you do, this is a great way. Find out more in this free report.

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101 ways to get more clients! Use this guide to get ahead.

This comprehensive report includes all the different tried and tested ways of growing your client base. Find out how you can nurture leads and turn prospects into clients.

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Trainer Talk Locals
(virtual until we can do face to face)

  • Connect with other local freelance trainers
  • Share business challenges and experiences
  • Swap advice and opportunities
  • Be part of a vibrant and supportive community
  • Get help and support to grow your business


If you want to hear about our Trainer Talk events - you can sign up to our events newsletter here:

Trainer Talk Live: 

A virtual event (until further notice) yet just as valuable! 

Perfect for you if you want to

  • Get more clients, grow your business and make it more profitable
  • Get answers and solutions to the biggest challenges facing you and your business
  • Collaborate with other trainers, build relationships and create and explore new opportunities
  • Be part of a vibrant and supportive freelance trainer community
  • Network with likeminded freelance trainers all at different stages of their business.
  • Invest in your business to grow and move forward

    Included as a part of the Trainer Talk Membership. You may also attend any event as a non-member.


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