You know that you want to be your own boss but haven't a clue where to begin?


You're struggling to find the information that you need to help you set up your own business.

There are so many things to consider and you aren't sure as to how to go about it all.

Then you've got to a think of a name and it's all becoming overwhelming?  Or you have too many ideas and you don't know how to evaluate them?

If you've answered yes to these questions, then I have an E-book that will tell you all the steps you need to go through to start your own training business.  

This E-book lays out the steps you need to consider when starting your business. You can go through it at your own pace.

With my 'How to Launch a Training Business in 30 Days' E-book, you can find out EXACTLY what activities you need to be doing to set up your business. 

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I'm Sharon Gaskin, owner of the Trainers Training Company.

Launching your own business can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. You know you have the skillset to deliver excellence and add value to your clients but you're not sure what you need to consider when you do start out on your own. 

Should you be working with an accountant to start with or is it better to grow your business first, before you make that investment?

How do you register your business and what do you need to do to make yourself business ready? 

This E-book breaks down the different activities, so you can start and revisit any areas you want to.   

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Why buy this course?

Accountability with daily tasks

Everything is done in small steps, meaning that each day, you will find a different task to work on, helping to keep you on track. You'll learn about marketing, building a website and how to find clients as well as accounting and admin tasks such as registering your business.

If you stick to completing each task in 30 days (or less if you choose to!) you will be able to launch your own training business! However the E-book is there for you to use whenever and you can always review any of the daily tasks.

How to launch a training business in 30 days

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